If you like 80ís music and hip and smooth Latin sounds, then youíre in luck this weekend.

The 80ís cover band, The Jolly Ranchers, is playing at Club Desparadoz in Alice Saturday night. The doors to the club open at 8 p.m.

The 9 member band from Laredo features a horn section and several lead vocalists.

They promise an explosive, fun filled show complete with everything from steamy Latin Rock and Salsa to Classic Rock, Disco, Funk and the Blues. If it's music from the 80's, 90's, Alternative or Reggae, you'll find it in their show, they have something for everyone.

?"It's a pumped up show," says lead singer and founding member Mark Guerrero, "We try to please everybody. If you're a metal head, we'll play some metal for you. If you want to dance, we'll play Salsa. We're just going to keep playing until you like it."

?The band started out 9 years ago as a duet and grew from there. Now the Jolly Ranchers have a 3-piece horn section, piano, congas, drums, bass and guitar. Mark explains that you need a band that big if you're going to play that many different styles of music. All of the band members are students studying music. The Jolly Ranchers are a popular favorite in many RGV cities including Corpus Christi, San Antonio and McAllen.

?The band says they love playing the Island because they never know what to expect. Says Mark, "We're a bunch of fun guys who want to have a good time. We love to sit and have a drink with our fans. Or sometimes we end up at somebody's house or an after party. You just never what's going to happen on South Padre."