Hope everyone had a Happy Mother's Day!! Like every wonderful and loving son, I also went to visit my mother on Sunday. It's always nice to get together no matter what the occasion. Several of my sisters were there, I have six, and since I'm the "expert" on diet and nutrition, the talk naturally gravitated to, what was the best way to lose weight.

On the surface, many might say that it's calories in and calories out. Burn off more calories than you take in and the weight will just drop off. As a matter of fact, that's true, but if it's so simple, why isn't everyone thin? One reason might be your "support system". In other words, the people you decide to help you on your mission to lose weight. As stange as it may sound, not everyone will be as supportive as you might believe. Example: You have been eating properly for the last several days and a friend asks if you'd like to go to lunch. You say, "I've been counting calories for the last several days and I don't want to break my diet". You friend might say something like, "Aw come on, one day won't make a difference" and off you go. Sound familiar?

If you have decided that you want to begin an exercise and diet program, don't tell anyone. Ok, you can tell your very, very, very best friend but that's it. If you can stick with the program for, at least two weeks, people will start to notice the change in you. They'll ask, "you look different, are you losing weight?" At that point you can either let them know that you started an exercise program or continue to keep them in the dark. The more time you can spend focused on your goal without any negative feedback, the better your chances for success.

Please e-mail your questions to me at: Danmarkone@aol.com. Remember and Never Forget, It's All About You!