Always remember and never forget, before you purchase that tasty treat, read the nutritional label.

I've been reading nutritional labels for most of my adult life, but every now and then, I fall victim to laziness. The other day, I purchased a box of six blueberry muffins. They looked harmless enough. I brought them home and immediately read the back of the box.

Each muffin had 630 calories with 39 grams coming from sugar. How could that be? OK, they were jumbo muffins, but 39 grams of sugar? I was going to have to stay on the treadmill for over an hour just to burn off one muffin.

If losing that little roll of fat around your stomach area is a major concern of yours, then I suggest you limit your sugar intake to 15 grams a day. How do you do that? Read the labels.

I truly believe that sugar is the most overlooked item on the label. We look at fat, we look at carbs, we look at overall calories, but we just don't give much thought to the amount of sugar we take in on a daily basis. Limiting your daily intake of sugar to 15 grams a day will flatten your stomach in a very short amount of time. Try it for a week and see what I mean.

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