Alice resident pushes through life's challenges to achieve dreams

Rey Castillo
Alice Echo News Journal
Alice resident Zachary Garza will compete in the NPC National Championships in December with the hope of earning his pro card.

Some days are harder than others for Zachary Garza, but even with life's punches, the 31-year-old  Alician has always found a way to show the extent of his perseverance.

Garza's father walked away from his family when he was 10 and went through a divorce more than a decade later.

But the hardest obstacle he's had to overcome was dealing with the loss of his mother.

With every trial, Garza saw it as opportunity to keep fighting.

"I truly believe everything happens for a reason and God has a plan or all of us," said Garza, who has an 11-year old daughter named Zoey. "The trials and the tribulations are a part of life, and it helps build character more than anything. We have to be grateful for our struggles and embrace them because there's a better version of yourself waiting on the other end.”

Zachary Garza played slot receiver for the Alice Coyotes in High School. Garza graduated from Alice in 2008.

Garza was a standout slot receiver and center fielder for the Alice Coyotes in high school. 

After graduating in 2008, he pursued a career in the oilfield and found a passion for weightlifting shortly after his divorce.

Garza countered his separation by working out with a close friend and decided to open his own supplement shop with the hope of making a difference in the community. 

On July 10, Garza opened Headstrong Sports Supplements, located at 1610 E. Main St. Suite 5 in Alice.

The shop features customized meal plans, protein powders, fat burners, testosterone boosters, pre-workouts, vitamins and more. 

But more than the products, Garza said his store offers advice on how to live a healthy and safe lifestyle. 

"It's about me trying to better my community more than anything and giving back to the younger athletes," Garza said. "If I can make an impact on my town, I’d be happy with that. I want them to know I’m not trying to push supplements, but to live a better life and make more memories."

Garza recently competed on stage at the National Physique Committee Universe in South Carolina, where he placed fifth.

Garza, who is also a ROCKS Discount Vitamins athlete, is seeking a first or second place finish at the NPC National Championships Dec. 16 and 17 in Orlando, Florida to earn his pro card.

Garza said a pro card will allow him to compete in national shows, earn sponsorships and travel the world.

"My mom always told me I would be somebody and I can still hear her voice saying those things," Garza said. "When I lost her, I took a long look at my life and I realized I had wasted time. After I lost my job, I decided it was time to chase my dreams."

Alice resident Zachary Garza stands outside his supplement shop Headstrong Sports Supplements in Alice. The shop officially opened in July.

Garza plans to open more Headstrong Sports Supplement shops with the hope of helping others around the state. 

Garza said even though the store has been open for a month, he's been able to double up his inventory that will allow him to franchise.

Garza also wants to make the front end of his store a supplement shop and the back end an area for personal training. 

“I think about it everyday," Garza said. "I get to wake up, and I'm excited to go to work. There’s not a lot of people who feel that. If my mom was around, she’d be happy because she’s the reason I’m here. Her and God are the reason.”

Garza has already began training for the NPC National Championships in December. 

Garza said there's no days off when trying to drop body fat to single digits. His goal when he steps on stage is to be 165 pounds with six percent body fat. He currently weights 202 pounds.

Garza's training includes six days of workouts with lifting, cardio and strict dieting.

"I made a decision to be the man my mom wanted me to be," Garza said. "Here I am and I thank God for that. I'm not trying to be perfect, but I’m trying to be better. I want to make a difference in people's lives through health and fitness. I didn’t open my store with money on my mind, but to help my community the best I can."

Zachary Garza shows a customer products inside Headstrong Sports Supplements in Alice.