Benavides Eagles have new Athletic Director

Chris Barrera
Coach Marcos Jose Zubia becomes new Athletic Director for Benavides Eagles.

Benavides Eagles are preparing for a new athletic season with a new coaching staff determined to make it a great year.

Recently, Benavides Independent School District recruited Coach Marcos Jose Zubia as their new Athletic Director. Coach Zubia is originally from McCamey Tx, an hour south of Odessa.

Coach Zubia came to South Texas when he interviewed for a position with Ben Bolt. After Ben Bolt, he moved onto Agua Dulce ISD and now he is anxious to see what Benavides athletes have in store for him.

“My coaching style is heavy on the fundamentals. We aren’t going to be too crazy over the top. We like to settle down. we like to do everything the right way that includes all sports; football, basketball, baseball, track, tennis. Whatever sport it is, we are going to be fundamentally sound,” Coach Zubia said. “We are going to do the best that we can to give the kids exposure as well. Everything that we do is going to be done the right way. I know that a lot of people always want to do these crazy schemes that go over the heads of a lot of our kids, but the kids can do things if you have a simple setup, a simple foundation. They can rock that a lot easier. They can do that a lot better, then doing things they’ve never heard of.”

Coach Zubia brough a young staff with him. Eagles baseball coach is Gilbert Garcia from Alice, girls coach is Abrianna Ramirez, who recently graduated from college, and there is Jacob Pena as the head basketball coach.

“These times are ugly, and we don’t know what’s going to happen. We need these sports and we are still expecting to go out there and prove (ourselves) every single day,” Coach Zubia said. “I tell everyone in the world, that I’m not the greatest coach in the world, but I definitely work for the betterment...One thing I’ve picked up at every program I've been at, is that as long as we improve everyday and we improve every single thing that we do, then, we are doing our jobs right.”

Coach Zubia and his staff are expecting to have a huge turnaround. He said his athletes are hungry and have shown themselves during their summer workouts. The coaches, administrators and the athletes are taking all precautions to keep everyone safe from COVID-19. He encourages athletes to take what they learn with him and to apply it at home to stay fit and active.

“I’m extremely happy that Benavides has opened their arms (and doors) to me, because I am going to do the best that I can to make sure that this town gets what they deserve,” he said.

Coach Marcos Jose Zubia becomes new Athletic Director for Benavides Eagles.