Lifeguard training

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Red Cross Lifeguard training

FREER - Approximately a dozen people went for a swim on Saturday, June 13. While the swimmers from Freer, Alice and Hebbronville weren’t just cooling off. The swimmers were training to be lifeguards.

Rudy Leal hosted the Red Cross Lifeguard Training at the Freer Independent School District swimming pool for anyone who was willing to learn.

The class requires a total of 32 hours of instruction and takes anywhere from 10 to 14 days for the entire course including swimming and lecture.

Swimmers had certain requirements on the first day to ensure that they were a good candidate. Requirements included that the swimmers must be able to swim 300 yards, able to retrieve a brick from bottom of pool 10 feet, able to tread water without their hands, and must be 15 years or older.

Even though city and school pools have been closed due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) Leal said that water safety is always important. This types of training means that someone can respond anywhere that someone might be in distress such as a backyard pool, at a lake or at the beach.

To be certificated as a lifeguard swimmers were expected to swim for 300 yards.