Letter to Editor:

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Fellow Ben Bolt-Palito Blanco Community Members:

A special meeting took place last Friday with the Superintendent's contract still on the agenda. Why? We still don’t have the answers as to WHY!! There are a lot of questions that we, the community, don’t have answers to. Several people have asked the 4 board members and the answer is always the same…. the truth will come out. You will see. Once it all comes out, you will understand. Well, why not tell us what’s going on. Give us facts. Because there is no truth.


Dr. Mike Barrera has done nothing wrong.

Why are the 4 board members hiding from the community? Why did board president Maria Garza place the Special meeting on a Friday morning when people work? To avoid the public. To avoid the voters. To avoid the taxpayers? During the county fair?

So what exactly happened at last week’s board meetings?

The 4 board members approved to move all future meetings from every third Tuesday to Thursdays? WHY? To accommodate one board member, Arnold Barrera, who lives over 5 hours away. Arnold was elected last November and in early summer accepted a job at another school district over 5 hours away. EVERY meeting since then he has only attended school board meetings virtually. Community members questioned why he should be allowed to attend board meeting virtually? Their solution: let’s move board meetings to a day that will accommodate one board member so that he can drive down and be in person. How can someone that lives that far away and only be here once a month really know what’s best for this district? If his job is keeping him from giving 110% to our kids, then maybe he needs to resign and re-run when he would be more readily available.

According to board policy you must be a resident of the district to stay on as a school board trustee. “Residence” means domicile, one’s home and fixed place of habitation to which one intends to return after any temporary absence; one does not lose one’s residence status by leaving to go to another place for temporary purposes only. A person does not acquire a residence in a place to which the person has come for temporary purposes only and without the intention of making that place the person's home.” Let’s define temporary absence. If he was given a contract for 2 or more years…how is that temporary? Something to think about.

So why was the agenda item for Friday’s meeting changed from Discussion and Possible Action Regarding Superintendent Contract Employment with the Board of Trustees to Discussion and Possible Action to Approve Superintendent's Voluntary Retirement Agreement? Why make it seem like this is his decision to leave? Because the board president received numerous calls in support of keeping the superintendent. The board president can change the wording on the agenda, it still means that the district will still have to buy out the superintendent’s contract? Where will those funds come from? These board members should be putting those funds and all their efforts in academics. That’s what every one of them stated they are here for….The kids. Well, let’s put their needs first. Instead of wasting those funds, let’s put it towards academics. Let’s use that money to buy things the teachers need to teach our kids. Keep calling those 4 board members. Let them know that you’re not happy. Tell them to stop wasting taxpayers’ dollars and do the job they were elected to do.

This is Our Town, Our School, Our Family!!!

Highly Concerned Ben Bolt-Palito Blanco Community Member

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