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Vote: AGAINST all School Bond Issues (Proposition A-$2.7 million and Proposition B-$3.2 million TOTALING -$5.9 million). Newell W. Atkinson 



Vote: AGAINST all School Bond Issues (Proposition A-$2.7 million and Proposition B-$3.2 million TOTALING -$5.9 million).

Early voting is Monday, Oct. 18 through Friday, Oct. 29, 2021 at the JWC Courthouse.

AISD Taxpayers recently approved the School $20 Million in New Bonds and NOW they are back asking for another $5.9 million to Astro-Turf (Football, Baseball, Softball Fields) and buy $500,000 of Musical Instruments and a few other items!

ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! The only way to STOP this SPENDING SPREE is go and Vote AGAINST!

They “Rigged” the numbers. When they tell us that a $5.9Million Bond will only cost an average home owner, less than $1 per year! LIES or misrepresentation ???

What kind of fools does the “Bond Promoters” think we are? A $1 increase on 8,000 houses =$8,000 per year and the Bond interest alone is over $160,000 per year (with NO Principal Payments)!


Newell Atkinson

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