Letter to Editor,

Alice Echo News Journal

Paying it forward.

I am a 76-year-old woman on a fixed income. I have been part of the Alice community since birth and have contributed to the education of our children for many years.

Because of the pandemic I hadn't traveled outside the comfort of my home at the High Rise. Recently, I went to the nearest dollar store and attempted to buy a mask. I only wanted one mask, that's truly all I could afford that day.

However, the store didn't have just one mask I could purchase. The young lady told me they only had the pack of five masks that day. I explained to her that I couldn't afford to buy the whole pack due to my fixed income. 

Almost everyday we hear stories about paying it forward. Someone, somewhere did something nice for their fellow man. I never thought I would be at a part of this paying it forward movement.

As I stood at the store counter, ready to leave without a mask, a woman behind me decided that she would pay for me. She purchased the pack of masks for me. I was surprised that this beautiful woman would help me out. She didn't know me, she didn't ask me for anything in return for the purchase. She simply did a good deed and helped an old lady.

It may not be a big deal to some people, but this generous act by a stranger means so much to me. It means that I can go around town, to essential places, and follow the guidelines set before us. These masks will help keep an old woman safe from the pandemic that has taken so many loved ones.

I'm not a religious woman, but I do believe in God and I read my bible. 

I couldn't give this woman anything in return, but I could pray for her. So there in the store with everyone around I prayed for this woman. Everyone prayed along with me.

I didn't get the woman's name. I may never see her again, but I thank her for being courteous and generous to me.

                                                                                        Thank you and God bless,