Letter to Editor,

Alice Echo News Journal

A Big Thank You to the Alice Community 

Our political and cultural differences have created a divisive atmosphere, online, at work, and even in homes. However, amid all of this chaos this South Texas community clings to its core values, and shows respect and compassion for others. 

My 80-year-old grandmother and I were stranded in Alice, Texas after her Hyundai Santa Fe broke down at the turning lane that leads to the local Walmart.  

What unfolded last Tuesday was a series of kind gestures from absolute strangers. Most of them were masked citizens we will likely never see again, but whom we will never forget.

This letter is to all of you, citizens of Alice, for representing what I love most about South Texas. They say everything is bigger in this state. It’s true. Texans are nurturers and protectors with the biggest hearts. 

We blocked the lane, but we were not met with hostility. No honks, no vulgar hand gestures. Instead, one concerned young man dressed in a military uniform stepped out of his vehicle and offered to push the small four-door SUV to a safe location. When another driver noticed, he stopped his car and got out to help. Then they rushed to their own vehicles, which they had selflessly left unattended. 

Several people slowed down to ask if we needed help. After hours of phone calls and after trying desperately to manage our automotive crisis, we finally found a solution. While we waited for help, a woman in a white Chevy Malibu approached us and asked who the owner of the stalled vehicle was. When I described my grandmother to her, she handed me cash, tightly rolled, and said “give this to her so she can fix her car.” Stunned, I said thank you and ran to my grandmother to tell her what happened. She walked as fast as she could to show gratitude to this woman. Unfortunately, the driver didn’t see my grandmother waving her left hand in the air. When we arrived home, she unbundled the cash and found $200. 

My father, an incredibly hard-working patriarch, arrived with a flatbed trailer. Two people put their lives on pause, parked their vehicles, and helped us hoist it onto the flatbed. Their enthusiasm warmed our hearts. 

During a time when stay-at-home measures are issued by governments and people in power are urging citizens worldwide to separate, we are still coming together when it matters. 

As President (Joe) Biden said on Inauguration Day, “we must end this uncivil war that pits red against blue, rural versus urban, conservative versus liberal. We can do this, if we open our souls instead of hardening our hearts.” 

Thank you, Alice, for reminding us that there is light in this world.


The stranded out-of-towners