Letter to  the Editor,

Alice Echo News Journal

A HUGE SHOUT OUT to Spohn Hospital,  Alice Security and ALL their personnel, workers and volunteers who have been involved with dispensing of  COVID -19 vaccines  at the (Jim Wells County fairgrounds).  We were impressed both times that we went to get the doses  with the orderliness,  efficiency and selflessness EVERYONE involved displayed! We want to THANK EVERY individual who worked, served, and volunteered in any capacity.  Especially on Friday  the 12th.  The weather was FRIGIDLY COLD!  Everyone  there  greeted us with a smile  and NO COMPLAINTS.  In spite  of working in the open air from early morn until evening and  every person  was taken care of.  They were Angels of Mercy and a blessing to ALL of us who were there.  THANK YOU!  THANK YOU!!

Estella B. Campbell