Middle Class Trickle Out Economic Plan

Alice Echo News Journal

Letter to editor,

Capitalism has been both a good and bad economic system for the world. Why bad? Because it lets the top owner(s) (or controllers) make all the decisions that mostly benefit Themselves! This explains why we have a large “wealth inequality” problem, a large poor class, all kinds of environmental pollution, mass business shootings, a lousy pandemic response and all kinds of monopolies in this country. I study and research all kinds of economic systems so I will suggest for everyone to look at the "employee-owned business system", also known as a “worker cooperative”. It's a capitalist business enterprise but without the CEO, Board of Directors or a top down control method. It's a democratically run business, all the employees vote on how to run the business, Employees Get To Vote on: pay raises, pay rates, work schedules, sick leave, vacation, work safety, health insurance, what to produce, how to produce, etc., (and will never move business operations to cheap labor countries like China, India or Brazil). The workers are both the owners of the business and the employee of the business. This business method could/would mean that employees will be much healthier, happier and more productive most of the time. This type of economic plan would build up the middle class first, stabilize our economy and its benefits and surplus would spread out to the rich and poor classes slowly. I call it the "Middle Class-Trickle Out Economic Plan".

If you don't understand something then, Search Google or YouTube for it and never stop learning.

Thank you,

Tomas Cantu, economic researcher