Educational Grading system needs change!

Alice Echo News Journal

Letter to the Editor.

The current educational grading system in this country is a low level, cheapskate, divisive way of measuring a persons ability, intelligence, capability and character.

This ABCDF or 4.0 rating system is for the most part a bad system.

Our grading system is just another method, tactic, scheme or controlling tool that the top 1 percent richest people and corporations use to gain more power / wealth over the majority of people.

God knows how many people with originality and talented gifts have never been discovered because of this bad grading system and bad experiences at the high school or college level.

Albert Einstein failed many of his math and physics classes, why? because he did not like the grading system and did not want to conform to it.

Maybe we should try letting some form of artificial intelligence system take over the grading system.  We could ask Alexis, Siri, Watson and or Google to help create a better grading system, Or Maybe we should try following the Hampshire College grading system, it does not use grades for its students.

Our grading system needs to be repaired or replaced with something better something that treats people with more respect and will truly reflect a persons true ability and intelligence.

I sincerely believe that we can do better than our current grading system.

This capitalist based grading pecking order system needs to go!

Thank you,

Tomas Cantu, economic researcher

Concepcion, Texas 78349