Dodo bird economy

Alice Echo News Journal

Letter to editor,

The three basic economic systems in the world today are capitalism, socialism and communism, so when you have a chance please research their meaning and history.

Our country is loaded with dodo bird people who don't know what the economic differences are (DODO stands for dumb, obedient, docile, oblivious).

I have issues with all three economic systems, so I am currently looking for the next better or superior economic system that could help save the world from a major war or violent revolution.

Possible new economic system examples could be a "debt Jubilee" economic system, a "Star Trek"system, a A-I (artificial intelligence) based system, a "worker co-op owner" business economic system or we could just abolish billionaires.  I hope this letter will encourage some of you to start studying this subject because the future does not look bright  for most of us thanks mostly to wealth inequality and thousands of rigged economic systems that affect all of us every day.

Tomas Cantu, economic researcher 

Concepcion, Texas 78349