Letter to the Editor: Here's the benefits of voting 'yes' on Alice ISD bond election

Alice Echo News Journal


Alice ISD Parents, Grandparents, Coyote Supporters, and Alice Community

Recently Mr. Newell Atkinson submitted a statement to this news media asking you to vote against the school district’s bond election. It is important that you realize the benefits our children, grandchildren, and neighbors would obtain with the passage of these propositions. Alice High School will be getting improvements to the band and choir halls which are direcly needed. The Bryce Taylor Auditorium will obtain lighting improvements that could potentially lead to competitions within the auditorium that ultimately bring revenues to the City of Alice (Restaurants, Hotel Stays, etc.). Band instruments need to be replaced within our schools. Many of the instruments are over 50 years old! Remember when our kids perform every Friday night, they are representing our school district and our city. Let’s get them the equipment they deserve. William Adams Middle School does not have an all-weather track, so your children are bussed to the stadium to practice, losing valuable practice time. The driveways proposed include Saenz, Noonan, and Schallert Elementary, which have had patchwork done but need a complete replacement. If we do not continue to improve our facilities thru the bond, it will have a direct impact on future budgetary needs in the future.


The artificial turf fields which some have stated your students do not need are also a benefit to our schools and community. Let’s go back to the Coyote Baseball 2021 Playoffs. The team gave up a home-field advantage and traveled four hours (to and from) to San Antonio. Many of you traveled to San Antonio and may have spent the night there, paying for a hotel, food, and ultimately contributing to their tax base. Think about it... that revenue could have stayed in Alice, TX if we had playable fields. The school district no longer hosts playoff games for other districts because the first question asked is if we have turf in our fields. This impacts our restaurants as parents, teams, and spectators are likely to dine and shop within our community. The Mighty Alice HS Band just had two marching competitions hosted by Calallen and Beeville and both have artificial turf. The band will be competing again this coming weekend in the area round on artificial turf.

Baseball, Softball, and Football students deserve to practice and play year-round in fields comparable to where they compete! Although I think our staff has done a fantastic job with our sports fields, I believe we need to move to the next level of modern upgraded competitive playing fields, every time I go to a city in the coastal bend area to see a city or school event, I notice that they have state of the art facilities, the difference is that they vote yes on bonds.

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The projected tax increase that the school district has presented is not a “rigged” amount. It is a well-calculated total increase to the tax rate if the bonds pass. The current tax rate is $1.2441 and is projected to be $1.2453 with the passage of both propositions.

Alice Community, don’t let yourself stay behind and wait any longer. We must continue to be strong against the old money that has suppressed your votes for many years. The community of Alice, TX overwhelming passed a 2019 Bond Election of $20,790,000 that provided children with gymnasiums and additional classrooms in all elementary schools, aligning the middle school to become 6-8 campus and is still being spent in repairing the high school roof. Everything that was promised to you in the 2019 bond election has been delivered and the Alice Independent School District has exceptional leaders that would not “lie” to its stakeholders.

There is no doubt that our students deserve more and voting in favor of this bond election is a vote of confidence to our school district, city, and Alice residents. The marginal increase to the tax rate will cost the average homeowner within the Alice ISD school boundaries $0.72 cents a year! Go out and VOTE FOR the propositions presented and give our students the facilities and equipment that are conducive to learning. Please don’t listen to the rhetoric or misinformation on this issue, if you are confused or don’t understand call the district so that they can discuss these important issues for our City and School's future with you. I will pay my $1.42 based on my evaluation and move us forward.



Larry Martinez, another concerned citizen