Hospital bed shortages and COVID-19 cases for Jim Wells and Duval Counties

Robin Bradshaw
Alice Echo News Journal

As South Texas faces another surge of COVID-19 cases, now close to 21 months into the pandemic local statistics are showing high transmission rates with the new variants and staff shortages in healthcare facilities. 

"Christus Health System is experiencing the same challenges with staffing that most health systems in the nation have struggled with since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic," said Director of External Communication and Social Media Katy Kiser with Christus. "We evaluate our processes daily to ensure alignment with current staffing numbers, patient cases and capacity."

"Christus is fortunate to be part of a larger network so (we) can pull resources in when and where needed. However, recruiting for nurses and other clinical staff is a high priority," she added. 

Christus Spohn Hospital Shoreline is hosting a hiring event on Jan. 12. There is an incentive of up to $20,000 depending on experience, as a sign-on bonus for registered nurses.

Here are statistics on hospital numbers, ICU bed availability and local numbers in the rural South Texas regions of Duval and Jim Wells County as of Jan. 7. 

Workbook: CDC Variant Dashboard SR

COVID-19 patients in the hospital: 

  • Adult COVID-19 patients in general beds: 119
  • Adult COVID-19 patients in ICU: 33
  • Pediatric COVID-19 patients in hospital: 5
  • Confirmed COVID-19 patients admitted in the last 24 hours:19

Hospital availability statistics in response to staffing:

  • Available staffed ICU adult hospital beds: 101
  • Available staffed ICU pediatric hospital beds: 2
  • Available ventilators: 164

Jim Wells County COVID-19 numbers:

  • Confirmed: 6,113
  • Probable: 1,601
  • Fatalities: 184
  • Active: 370
  • Recovered: 7,168

Duval County: 

  • Confirmed: 1,712
  • Probable: 408
  • Fatalities: 62
  • Active: 105
  • Recovered: 1,956

Glossbrenner prison unit in Duval County: 

  • Active cases inmates: 0
  • Active cases employees: 7