Green energy: A new solar energy farm will be built in Orange Grove

Robin Bradshaw
Alice Echo News Journal

The global company Advanced Power has plans to build a solar energy farm in Jim Wells County on 920 acres in the City of Orange Grove. The 175-megawatt solar farm will be located on County Road 308 and TX-359.

Advanced Power, an independent developer, owner and asset manager of modern power infrastructure that has recently made a series of significant investments in the development of renewable energy throughout the U.S. and Europe. A most recent Texas project includes a solar farm in Fort Bend County on a 700-acre site. 

County Road 308 in Jim Wells County

The project is expected to start in 2022 and will include approximately 150 construction jobs for an estimated 12-month cycle to build. If operations go as planned the site would be complete in 2023 and will include one $65,000 position locally.

Orange Grove Independent School Board voted to approve a Chapter 313 agreement with Advanced Power and the county will pursue Chapter 312 for tax credits at a rate to be determined at a later time. 

"The estimated cost Advanced Power will invest in the county is $120 million," said project director Collin Brown. 

The project in Orange Grove is in the design phases and to compare clean energy emissions, the Fort Bend solar farm estimates to save 300,000 metrics tons of CO2 emission. 

Advanced Power has plans to build a 175-megawatt solar farm on 920 acres in Orange Grove, Texas.

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