Entrepreneurship in South Texas: This couple has big plans in Alice

Robin Bradshaw
Alice Echo News Journal

More jobs, more affordable homes, more entertainment and cleaner rides are what entrepreneur Jaime Flores and his partner Henry Perez have planned for Alice. The couple has created somewhat of an empire aimed at creating a better Alice for residents.

Flores owns Southern Cross Home Health, which provides 320 jobs that serve 200 clients in the area. There's also five employees at the 611 Venue and car wash with shared administrative duties. 

Jaime Flores, Henry Perez and Fritz.

Like many entrepreneurs, Flores faced a few setbacks. The former Michigan resident moved to South Texas over a decade ago. The original plan was to embark on a new leadership nursing job that ultimately did not go as planned. Eventually, the former nurse took a home health position and after a year decided it was something he wanted to try as an owner. Flores soon unleashed his creativity as an entrepreneur and  launched a variety of business ventures in the area. Besides the home health agency, he started a limousine service, an upscale entertainment venue, a car wash, and a property building development company to provide affordable housing to help the struggling middle class. 

Jaime Flores, Henry Perez and Fritz outside the 611 Venue in Alice.

"When I moved here I could not find a home to live in at an affordable middle-class wage so now that I can afford it, I'm building for others to bridge the gap for the hard-working people in the community," Flores said.

It's been a struggle, Perez explained.

"This has been a rough year for house builders," Perez said. "Many have eaten costs or backed out of contracts this year due to the high lumber prices." 

"Jaime kept his word and honored the prices originally agreed to and broke about even," Perez added.

"It's not the buyer's fault lumber prices skyrocketed," Flores said. "I believe it will all work out in the long run."

Flores Property Holdings has built 12 homes in Alice in the past 18 months. The company also has renovated and sold eight homes and are working on the infrastructure for a subdivision bringing in water, sewer, gas and electricity. 

Flores and Perez stay busy with the multiple business ventures. You can find Flores at the car wash with his dog, Fritz, and Perez as a driver for the limousine business. Locals should keep their eyes open because there's more to come from these two.