What's new in Orange Grove? Check out these new small businesses

Robin Bradshaw
Alice Echo News Journal

As South Texas begins to rebuild and regroup from the economic downturn a common trend in the rural community of Jim Wells County has been the re-emergence of locally owned small businesses.

The City of Orange Grove located on the northeastern side of the county has a few small businesses that recently popped up in the area serving many of  local area needs. 

Tumbleweed Pretty.Wild.Flowers

Tumbleweed Pretty.Wild.Flowers

This new specialty florist boutique is located in the downtown district of Orange Grove. Owners Mindy Taylor and Edie Duncan are the creative backbones with a long-time friendship and passion for floral design. The two opened the shop last month and have been busy with their one-of-a-kind creations.  

 "We specialize in unique arrangements, silk memorial and funeral flower arrangements and support local. Our flowers are farm fresh and result in a much longer floral life than buying at any other store," Taylor said. 

This urban floral boutique not only offers farm-fresh flowers but also local Orange Grove honey and specialty items including handmade soaps and lotions. 

"I have big plans for the business," Duncan said. "This is a farm-fresh floral boutique we buy, support and sell from local farmers and vendors and will be housing local artists' pieces to highlight this area and to support each other." 

Information: 108 South Eugenia St. Orange Grove, TX 78372. 

Hours: 9:30 am - 5:50 pm Mon.- Fri. and 10 am - 2 pm. Sat.  

Contact: 361-490-4130 or visit Tubleweedflowers.com 

Justin Briones from The Post feed store drive-thru

The Post

The Post is your one-stop drive-thru hot spot for feed, cotton-seed, snacks, ammo, country attire, beer, wine and their big seller, frozen margaritas to-go. 

Entrepreneurs Brandon Wright and Josh Jurecek have a three-acre establishment that also offers storage units and the soon-to-be Post Outfitters Gun Shop. 

"We are one of the only establishments selling cotton seed after February's freeze," Wright explained. "This is a newer concept and our customers can drive-thru pick up their feed some snacks and few colds ones. The hope is to provide local residents the service and supply they need." 

Information: Located at 199 CR 348 Orange Grove, TX 78372

Hours: 8 am - 6 pm Mon.-Fri. and Sat. will be included soon. 

Contact: 361-382-2071 or visit Facebook at Post OG.

The Emporium of Orange Grove Survival Room

The Emporium of Orange Grove Survival Room 

The newly added Survival Room in the downtown district is inside The Emporium and, as the name implies, has everything you need to survive. This store is for the survivalist, camping enthusiast and some major hurricane preparedness.

"Our merchandise is specialty type items you cannot find just anywhere and with hurricane season here in South Texas I consider our retail must-haves to feel safe no matter what comes our way," said owner Wiley Thurmon. 

The store provides high-end first aid kits, water purifiers, specialized radios, MRE meals, and much more.  

Information: Located at 113 South Eugenia St. Orange Grove, TX 78372. 

Hours: 10 a.m. - 6 p.m. Tuesday - Friday and 10 a.m. -1 pm Saturday.  

Contact: 361-947-2812 or visit Facebook at The Emporium. 

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