Jim Wells County, Alice unites for highway interdiction task force team

Robin Bradshaw
Alice Echo News Journal

South Texas drivers can expect a stronger police presence on northbound and southbound Highways 281 and 44 in Jim Wells County. 

That's because the City of Alice Police Department and Jim Wells County Sheriff's Office  recently entered into an interlocal agreement for a criminal and narcotics joint interdiction task force team. 

Alice Police Department

"In Alice drugs go north and money goes south (and) the police department currently has not been in an interlocal agreement with the county and city policing on these highways have been on the decline," APD Chief Garcia said. "Jim Wells County Sheriff (Daniel) Bueno has offered the city a generous agreement to help build APD's forfeiture fund account and rebuild the task force and interlocal agreement." 

"This agreement will help APD to help themselves," Bueno said. "I have known and respected Chief Garcia for many years and I am looking forward to providing unity between the two entities, provide support in building a better police department and reduce narcotics in the community." 

The forfeiture agreement will include 70 percent of confiscated funds and drugs to the APD and 30 percent to the JWC Sheriff's Office. Currently, the APD forfeiture account balance is approximately $30,000. 

"This will help the APD to support itself with new equipment, fleet, and training instead of relying upon city tax dollars to support the police department," Garcia said.