Jim Wells and Duval County, lagging behind close to 20 percent in households not accounted for in the 2020 Census

Robin Bradshaw
2020 Census Housing Unit Enumeration Progress by State. The 2020 Census will conclude data collection operations on September 30, 2020. Use thistable to keep track of households in your state enumerated across all collection operations.

The 2020 Census is in its last few days to collect accurate data for federal funding and representation in the local Jim Wells and Duval county areas.

Due to the coronoavirus pandemic the initial end date to report was July, 31 that deadline has already been extended twice. Dalilah Garcia from the U.S. Census Bureau said, “If you have not self reported your household or responded to the questionnaire by a U.S. Census employee knocking at your door- then you need to report today.”

Currently, Jim Wells and Duval County combined have an estimated 15-20 percent of residents that have not been counted, according to the U.S. Census Bureau data.

What does that mean? Having an accurate Census count in the local area accounts for federal funding to flow in the area for schools, hospitals, emergency responders and highway infrastructure that will shape the future. The 2020 Census will also determine congressional representation, inform hundreds of billions in federal funding every year, and provide data that will impact communities for the next decade.

Texas is currently at a 95.6 percent rate for households counted and is number 37 in a comparison list to other states with a closer to 100 percent of all residents counted for the 2020 Census. To break the numbers down, Jim Wells County residents self reported their household to the Census Bureau by 45.6 percent, Duval County's self reporting data was lower at 27.3 percent. Out of the total numbers of the two counties that did not self report, 81.3 percent of that data was collected by the door to door Census employees. As of today, a total of 15 to 20 percent of local households need to self report to be accounted for to ensure an accurate representation and funding for the area.

There are several ways that you can contact the U.S. Census Bureau for support.

English and Spanish Language Hours of Operation: Customer Service Representatives are available every day from 7am to 2am Eastern Time on the following phone lines:

English: 844-330-2020

Spanish: 844-468-2020

Report online at: https://my2020census.gov/