Outstanding city utility bills need to addressed before Oct.22 to avoid disconnect

Robin Bradshaw

City council leaders voted to approve Oct., 22 as the day residents will need to address outstanding water bill payments owed to the city.

Since February the city put water disconnections on hold as a response to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

Currently, a total of $250,000 is accounted for unpaid past due water bills for a 30 day period on the city's north side and $270,000 on the city's south side. The outstanding total number of $520,000 for unpaid utility funds, account for only residential areas and not commercial businesses, the outstanding total balance is a factual higher number.

Councilman Pete Crisp addressed the public during the city council meeting, "We do not want citizens to think on October, 22 all the residents will have their water shut off, what we are asking is citizens contact the city and start working on a payment plan."

City manager Micheal Esparza stated during the city council meeting on Tuesday, that the city's utility billing department is flexible and will work with residents to support a payment deferment plan to resolve the outstanding water and utility bill balances.