Rotarians ask community to keep eyes on Rotary Pavilion

Staff Writer
Alice Echo News Journal

SAN DIEGO - The San Diego Rotarians are asking for the community’s help in keeping a watchful eye on the Rotary Pavilion.

Recently, the pavilion has been targeted by people accessing the property without permission. Rotarians were notified that three men exited a white truck and jumped the fence to enter the pavilion.

Rotarians are troubled that anyone would want to steal or damage the property in anyway as the pavilion is dedicated to the children of Duval County.

Anyone stealing from the pavilion is stealing from the children, according to Rotarians.

After the 2020 Duval County Fair, several men were arrested by the Duval County Sheriff’s Office after they stole a light plant from the grounds.

Rotarians want the community to know that they need their watchful eyes to protect the children and the pavilion. There should be no one on the property after 6 p.m.

Anyone that sees any suspicious activity is urged to call law enforcement immediately. San Diego Police Department’s number is 361-279-3341 and the Duval County Sheriff’s Department’s number is 361-279-3351.