FEMA approves Duval County for Unified Hazard Mitigation Plan

Robin Bradshaw

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) approved the Multi-Jurisdiction Mitigation plan for Duval County and surrounding jurisdictions in late August.

The approved program will establish the eligibility for Unified Hazard Mitigation Grant funding which is an umbrella for the Hazard Mitigation Grant program, Pre-Disaster Mitigation, Severe Mitigation Loss and Flood Mitigation Assistance programs.

“The mitigation process took over a year with the support of participating county and city leaders from San Diego, Freer and Benavides as well as the three water districts,” said Duval County Judge Saenz. “The prepared mitigation plan will be effective for the next five years and will help save tax payer dollars in the event of natural disasters including droughts, flooding and environmental disasters. It is very important to have foresight, plans in action and be prepared for these type of events.”

Duval County has not been actively prepared with a disaster mitigation plan for state funding since 2013.

Texas experiences more natural disasters than any other state in the country, states The Texas Division of Emergency Management (TDEM). The loss of life and the billions of dollars in damage demonstrates the need for long-term mitigation strategies. Mitigation plans identify potential hazards and vulnerabilities, set goals and establish specific actions to reduce risk to people, buildings, infrastructure, and the environment. The purpose of hazard mitigation is to implement actions that eliminate the risk from hazards or reduce the severity of the effects of hazards on people and property.