Recognizing local soldiers


The Alice Echo News - Journal, in collaboration with Hector L. Villarreal would like to recognize local active duty veterans from the area on Sunday’s edition newspaper, which will be called “Sunday Soldier,” and will feature one of our local soldiers.

To qualify for “Sunday Soldier,” the following is required:

1. Name of ACTIVE Duty Soldier and Rank

2. Military Occupational Specialty acode (MOS), IE 31B (Military Police), 11B (Infantryman), their specific job in the Armed Forces

3. Current duty station and other duty stations where served

4. Home of Record, IE Alice, San Diego, Benavides, etc

5. Parents name

6. Family history of military service, IE Father served in US Army, etc

7. If married, spouse name and number of children

8. Future plans and ambitions upon completion of active duty

9. Photo of soldier in appropriate military uniform (photo will be screened,) no more than 3 photos

10. Emailed to:

Please feel to call (361) 562-3497 for more information.