Lake Alice conservation project gaining movement

Robin Bradshaw
A picture of the overgrown star grass at Lake Findley taken on July 15. The Lake Alice Conservation Project founded by local resident Daniel Benavides will finalize the last steps for setting up the project as a non profit organization this week, and begin the clean up efforts at the lake.

Last month, local business man Daniel Benavides announced his mission to clean up Lake Findley.

Since that time, Benavides has moved forward fast and made real progress and activated a strong community interest.

"The application for the non profit organization has been approved, we are waiting on the hard copy of certificate to set up with the I.R.S. and finalize some legalities," said Benavides. "Setting up the LACP as a non profit organization will give us the opportunity for environmental and educational grants."

Lake Findley, also known as Lake Alice has accumulated an excessive growth of stargrass in the last few years. The swamp like grass has become so thick and dense that kayaking and other recreational activities on lake are some what non-existent. The lake's neglect due to lack of city funding and oversight from the Texas Parks and Wildlife has left local residents looking for a change.

Benavides grew up enjoying the lake and decided to do something about it and recently started the Lake Alice Conservation Project (LACP).

The LACP has gained interest of local resident Charlie Bazan and she will be the new face helping secure the projects mission as community outreach. “I have some innovative ideas for the project and I am excited about the future educational programs and the possibility of creating a program at the lake for juvenile offenders,” said Bazan.

"We have gained 550 new members this month and many people in the community have offered help with heavy machinery, time, money and personal labor," said Benavides. " I hope the offers are matched with commitment once the final steps are finalized later this week."

Scheduled meeting times and updates will be posted on the Lake Alice Conservation Project Facebook page.