Robstown native holds down business for 68 years

Robin Bradshaw
Petra and Joe Valdez, the owners of the Ideal Beauty Salon in Robstown, Texas. Petra Valdez has owned and operated the Salon since 1952.

Petra Valdez is the owner of the Ideal Beauty Salon in Robstown and dreams of retiring at the age of 85. She is a long time Robstown resident who strives to make customers feel their best.

She initially retired in 2013 and started the process to sell her salon, when she was officially honored by the House of Representatives of the 83rd Texas Legislature. The resolution signed was congratulating her for the successful operation of her salon’s longevity of business for 60 years. The honor was presented by House of Representative Abel Herrera for her drive and success in starting the business at age 17 with a bank loan in 1952.

Valdez, also stated she placed an ad in Nueces County Record Star for a dollar perm day to get her name out- that same year.

“That was a very busy day doing perms in 1952,” Valdez said jokingly.

Nearly seven decades later, Valdez is serving her community and trying to sell her business and enjoy the golden years with her husband, Joe.

“It has been difficult to sell,” said Valdez. “My husband and I are in our eighties and the financial offers for the salon have been extremely low or to owner finance, and that’s not what we want to do at our age.”

The area of Valdez’s beauty shop is near the downtown area of Robstown close to the City Hall, but the Valdez’s have not been able to sell at a market price.

“I think some of the issues with us selling the business is due to the crime reports from a few years back that names Robstown as one of the dangerous cities in Texas,” Joe said while waiting for Petra to finish up her clients hair cut.

Last year, Robstown Officials stated a clerk miscalculated crime data for the city and it ended up getting published by the FBI and the state in annual crime reports. In June of 2019, the previous Robstown City Manager Herman Rodriguez reported to the Corpus Christi Caller-Times that city officials uncovered the inflated numbers for violent crimes that were published in the FBI's 2017 Uniform Crime Report, but believe other mistakes were made, some potentially stretching back as far as 2014.

Unfortunately, the data entry mishap not only reported wrong information, it might have also caused some long reaching effects in terms of selling their business, so the Valdez’s believe.

Petra Valdez at the Ideal Beauty Salon in Robstown that she has owned and operated for 68 years.