Wyatt Ranches donates over $644k to organizations in need

Emergency rescue vehicles, made possible by previous grants from the Wyatt Ranches Foundation, are on the scene of a recent Duval County collision involving an overturned motor vehicle.

Wyatt Ranches, on behalf of The Wyatt Ranches Foundation, has donated $644,000 to a hospital for a mobile emergency room ambulance, training for area EMS personnel, law enforcement safety equipment, scholarships, and a federal law enforcement youth explorer program during their third quarter Board of Directors Meeting.

An Explorer Post of the United States Border Patrol received a $20,000 grant for their youth explorer program. Agents Justine Olsommer and Marcos Garcia, of the Kingsville Station, made the presentation and had requested $8,500 for their station’s program. Despite the current pandemic, the agents stated the $20,000 grant would allow for a much-expanded future program for area youth who are interested in a career with the Border Patrol.

UT Health/Memorial Hermann Hospital at the Texas Medical Center received a $500,000 grant for a mobile emergency room ambulance, which brings the emergency room to the patient. With the current pandemic, hospitals are finding that patients are fearful and hesitant to come to the emergency room; and when they do, it’s often too late. This pilot program involves an ambulance, equipped with a mini-laboratory and a CT scanner, to immediately diagnosis a patient at the scene, with a virtual doctor also on board, via the internet, to direct the medics with patient diagnosis and corresponding care. If the program is successful at the Texas Medical Center, Wyatt Ranches Foundation desires to explore the possibility of expanding this program into the South Texas Brush Country. Dr. Ben Bobrow, Director of UT Health Emergency Services at Memorial Hermann Hospital at the Texas Medical Center and Dr. Carmel Dyer, of the UT Health McGovern Medical School, made their presentation to the board. In addition, training from UT Health for South Texas ambulance medics, with the latest changes in emergency medicine, is to be provided and scheduled.

The Duval County Sheriff’s Office received a grant for $104,000 for the purchase of technology equipment to enhance officer safety in the realm of crime prevention and protecting the community. Sheriff’s Captain Matilda Almanza stated their budget had been reduced and funds were needed to purchase new body cameras for the deputies, new age on-board computers for their patrol vehicles, new dashboard cameras for the patrol vehicles, and other equipment to augment safety. Sheriff Romeo Ramirez stressed the need for his office to have up-to-date law enforcement equipment for the deputies’ safety, despite county budget constraints. He added much of their current equipment had been acquired through a federal grant, issued back in 2009. Most of which is now either obsolete, not functional, or not compatible with current police software.

The San Isidro School District in Starr County received $20,000 for two $10,000 college scholarships. This contribution has been ongoing for the district and School Superintendent Mario Alvarado made the presentation to the board.

Lastly, funds were set aside for the purchase of a desperately needed Aero-clave device, which is used to quickly disinfect ambulances after transporting patients suffering from the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19). The device, which uses Vitaloxide to safely clean and disinfect the ambulances, is now in high demand and difficult to obtain. Fortunately, officials in Duval County had ordered the device several months ago and solicited the grant funding. Although not included in this quarter’s allocations, the current value of the device is greater than $20,000. Grant funds will be expended when the device is delivered in the next few weeks. The device will be available to all area ambulances and administered by one of the emergency services districts.

Situated in South Texas and also in West Texas, Wyatt Ranches has six cattle ranching divisions. These cattle ranches are scattered south from Agua Dulce to the Rio Grande River; and west from Marfa to Valentine, with some ranches supplemented with agricultural farming operations. The Wyatt Ranches Foundation has made numerous donations to governmental entities and non-profit organizations in the rural areas of both South and West Texas…as well as donations for hospitals and teaching universities in the metropolitan areas of Texas. The Foundation’s Board of Directors include the Hon. Ana Lisa Garza, Billy C. Wells, Don C. Nelson, Oscar S. “Trey” Wyatt III, and Bradford A. Wyatt.