New business in Alice aims to keep things moving

Robin Bradshaw
Duval County native Johnny Soliz opened his new business Industrial Diesel Service LLC on 850 East Commerce in Alice on March 3, 2020.

Industrial Diesel Service LLC (IDSL) is just one of a few new companies opening up for business in Jim Wells County.

IDSL specializes in repairs on commercial, off road vehicles and agricultural and commercial equipment. IDSL owner Johnny Soliz says “Alice has the local commercial clientele to support the success as a new business.”

San Diego native Johnny Soliz opened the doors to the business on March 3, and has successfully weathered a few of his starting months with the added stress of the pandemic.

"Business has been good, our company specializes in the maintenance and repair for the equipment that supports most of the infrastructure that keeps us as a society moving, for example vehicles, power and agricultural equipment,“ said Soliz. "I know these are dark times, but we have to keep moving. Yes, there has been oil companies that have moved away from Alice, but there is also new businesses' moving in. In my opinion, the new businesses moving in has and will have the jobs to support the economic business."

Soliz added, " I hope people in our community that are without jobs can take this time, go to school, take a class and find something they have a passion for -and then provide that service to the community -to make money."

The new Alice entrepreneur shares the same philosophy for local business as civil rights leader Howard Thurman by his famous quote that reads, “Don’t ask your what the world needs, Ask yourself what makes you come alive, And then go do that, Because what the world needs is people, Who have come alive.”