Highlights for JWC Commissioners Court

Robin Bradshaw

The Jim Wells County Commissioners Court was held Monday, July 13.

Here are the key highlights from the scheduled court hearing:

* Public discussion included a local resident addressing the court for county assistance on County Roads 136, 137 and 1554. The complaint included excessive drug activity accompanied with excessive trash and dangerous drug paraphernalia. The resident was asking for better and oversight from the county on the rural county roads.

* The court voted and approved a Resolution for Del Mar Community College to start the legislative leg work to consider building a local college campus in Jim Wells County and the City of Alice. The campus would offer two year technical degrees for local area students.

“This is a good opportunity for local students to invest in the area and it is important to offer employment programs that aligns with local development to invest in our community,” said County Judge Juan Rodriguez.

* County Attorney Mike Guerra updated the court on the Purdue Pharma L.P bankruptcy case. The county is seeking to recover money from the county’s expense in addressing the opioid crisis, locally. The major distributor Purdue Pharma is currently filing bankruptcy, according to Guerra.

“ The bankruptcy was anticipated, the county will recover an estimated 150,000 to 175,000 for recovered funds but it will be down the road with some delay due to the bankruptcy, Guerra said.