COVID-19 climbs to 147 in Jim Wells County, six new cases

Robin Bradshaw

On June, 30 Jim Wells County confirmed an additional six new cases for COVID-19, the total now is at 147.

Case number 142 Female in her 50’s.

Case number 143 Female in her 70’s.

Case number 144 Female in her 50’s.

Case number 145 Male in his 30’s.

Case number 146 Male in his 70’s.

Case number 147 Male in his 60’s.

Five of the new positive cases are in zip code 78332 and one case in 78342.

One of the positive cases previously reported for JWC was retracted due to the individual living in another jurisdiction.

Health and County officials are urging residents to follow safety guidelines and wear masks, wash hands and social distance.