Alice Housing Authority united for service

Robin Bradshaw
The Alice Housing Authority team at Heritage Place Apartments.

Irma Cueller, Executive Director for the Alice Housing Authority and her team have been busy with grant writing and community relations this year. Cueller, spoke at the Alice Rotary Club on Wednesday and informed community leaders on the projects her team is currently working on.

“We, as the Alice Housing Authority team, are united as a team and that unity shows with the work we do for the community,” said Cueller.

The team has applied for grants and received the funds to make big changes in the Alice area, below is a few of the project they are currently involved in.

The Capital Fund Program Grant 2020, in the amount of $542,009, these funds will support bids to remodel scattered site home at High Rise building and remove all the carpet from the hallways and replace with ceramic tile. We also plan to replace the outdated floors in the lobby and remodel units at the Heritage Place Apartment, along with making modifications to main office.

The Emergency Safety-Carbon Monoxide Detector Grant, in the amount of $175,461, to install carbon monoxide detectors to all the Public Housing Units.

The Ross Grant, awarded the team $239,250 funded by HUD, this grant will support the hire of a Service Coordinator who will assess the needs of residents of conventional Public and Indian Housing and coordinate available resources in the community to meet those needs. This program works to promote the development of local strategies to coordinate the use of assistance under the Public Housing program with public and private resources, for supportive services and resident empowerment activities.

The CARES ACT Grant, HUD awarded to the Alice Housing Authority in the amount of $85,276 in Supplement Public Housing and Operating Funds. The funds would be used for management and operations including staff, residents support service and routine and preventative maintenance, safety and security, energy cost insurance planning for the long-term capital needs and viability of the properties and other cost.

Executive Director, Irma Cueller at the Alice Rotary Club meeting on Wednesday, June 17 with Rotary President Bruce Hoffman.