Black Lives Matter protest coming to Alice on Monday

Staff Writer
Alice Echo News Journal

A Black Lives Matter protest is coming to Alice on Monday, June 15 as a way to bring awareness on racial inequality. In recent events across the nation protesters have taken to the streets asking for a change especially against the black community.

Protests across the nation began after the death of George Floyd at the “knee” of Minnesota Police Officer Derek Chauvin on May 25. Floyd was arrested and in the course of the arrest Officer Chauvin was videoed kneeing on Floyd's neck for approximately nine minutes as Floyd repeatedly stated “I can't breath.”

Local woman, Jacqueline Gutierrez also known as Ella Kiddo, decided that the small town of Alice, Texas needed to be aware of the situation. So she organized a peaceful protest to be held on North Texas Boulevard and East Main Street.

“I decided something needed to be done when I began seeing so many people not understanding what the Black Lives Matter Movement was really about and making it more of a joke than a movement. So many people are against it because ’All Lives Matter.’ Which obviously they do, but our black brothers and sisters have been suffering for so long, too long. A good example is: “You have a four friends, one gets hurt and you need to help them. Then your three other friends ask ’well what about us, Don’t we get help too?’ Yes, but you’re not the one hurt,’” Gutierrez said. “It’s sad to see people trying to normalize what’s happening because ’it’s always been that way or there will always be racism in the world.’ I just want to educate Alice, Texas that using your voice, and not turning a blind eye to racism will make big changes to the world.”

Gutierrez said protesters “voices have reopened so many murder cases of unarmed innocent black people. Reinvested $100 million into communities of color in (Los Angeles), and has increased (Officer) Chauvins murder charge. All in one week.”

According to Gutierrez’ flyer, the protest begins at 2 p.m. Protesters will be standing in place, taking a knee for nine minutes, educating others who may not understand the black lives matter movement all while being “peaceful.”

Alice Police Interim Chief Davis and other city officials are aware of the protest and have prepared to protect everyone at the event.

“We are prepared for a peaceful protest with the options if something goes south,” Davis said.

Other law enforcement agencies have also been made of the aware of the protest, just in case.

Law enforcement has been at the center of controversy for several years and with Floyd's death police departments have reviewed their policies and the best way to protect and serve the communities they work in.

Davis said his department is making changes and purchasing equipment such as new body cameras that would benefit everyone involved in any case. The department's new cameras are being purchased with the donations from the Jim Wells County Sheriff's and the District Attorney's Offices.