New chapter for a single mom and her daughter

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Alice Echo News Journal
Mari Guerrero and daughter, Alyana Guerrero, received the keys to their new home from JWC Habitat for Humanity president Dale Wilson.

Another family in Jim Wells County has received the keys to their own home and their new lives all thanks to a local non-profit organization.

On Thursday, Mari Guerrero signed the papers and received the keys to her dream home from the Jim Wells County Habitat for Humanity, a Christian Ministry dedicated to spreading the message of Jesus Christ and providing adequate homes.

Now, Guerrero and her daughter, Alyana Guerrero, moved into her new home on South Adams. They will start building memories.

“We have a habitat family. We've built 18 houses in Jim Wells County and we get great support from the city, from the county, from local business who contribute to the cause... Lots of local folks donate to the house, lots of local folks and care-a-vanners who donate their time to build the house,” said Dale Wilson, JWC Habitat for Humanity president. “It's a great ministry and it's about Jesus Christ...We are excited to be part of it.”

The organization is about giving a hands up to families who need help accessing adequate homes.

“I'm super excited and I feel blessed. I didn't think it was going to be possible because I'm a single mom with a single budget. Habitat made it possible,” Mari said.

This is the second time Mari applied for a house with Habitat for Humanity, but the organization chose another family, but Mari knew that things would happen when God saw it was right.

“This year, I was a little discouraged and this year it worked out in our favor,” Mari said. “For me this house and its location is very special to me because my grandma lived on North Adams. I was raised on North Adams so it feels like this was meant for us. I'm back on Adams Street and my daughter will be raised on Adams Street also...Having this opportunity and starting a new chapter in our lives.”

Mari thanks the organization for her new home. She is also grateful for the becoming part of the organization that feels more like a family and is excited to be part of this extended family. She is eager to help as the organization prepares to build their 18th home in the county.

Habitat for Humanity works in local communities across all 50 states in the United States and in approximately 70 countries. The Habitat for Humanity crew is made solely of volunteers, both local and non-local. Most of the crew members are retired and dedicate all their time to building the homes across the nation.

JWC Habitat for Humanity board members Mike Bishop, Dale Wilson, Mike Saldivar, Homeowner Mari Guerrero, JWC Habitat for Humanity board members Sandy Wilson and Sandra Bowen at a signing ceremony before Guerrero received her keys to her new home.