Alice Animal Control Updates

Robin Bradshaw
This soon to be mama pup is being cared for at the Alice kennel. She will be in need of a good home and a some additional extra good homes for her litter. Note: Kennel staff is careful on pit bull adoptions for multiple reasons.

The strays at the City of Alice are in need of a loving home. Currently, the kennel has a mother cat with kittens, and a mama pit bull about to have her litter. The kennel is also housing a variety of pups who need a good home.

Lead Officer Jose (Chema) Martinez stated, “Summer is here, so we have been busy taking calls, and have some great animals to come and adopt.”

The adoption fee is $25.

All animals adopted through the city should be sterilized 45 days after adoption. A voucher can be picked up from People Assisting Animal Control that would give a discount with the spay and neutering of the animal.

“We take calls of all kinds and have seen the best and worst in animal care,” said Martinez. “Texas has extreme high heat temperatures so it is important to make sure the water bowls stay full, maybe throw some ice cubes and please make sure the animals can hydrate.”

The kennel took precautionary measures due to COVID-19 in early March and has maintained an enhanced disinfectant and sanitary environment for all the animals, staff and visitors.

Anyone who would like to make a difference in one of these dogs lives and adopt, should call the Alice Police Department between 1 and 4 p.m. at 361-664-0186.

The Alice kennel has this cat that just gave birth to kittens.