San Diego ISD gives parents options for 2020-21 school year

Staff Writer
Alice Echo News Journal

Students and administration at San Diego Independent School District are preparing for the 2020-2021 school year with accommodations to coronavirus (COVID-19) guidelines.

The district will have online instruction for students for the first three weeks of school. The first day of school is on Aug. 10.

Once the three weeks are up, students will have to opportunity to go back to campus on Aug. 31. For parents and students who are not ready to go back to the in person instruction, the school district has made it possible to continue online courses.

An online survey has been sent to parents with two options about how their child(ren) will return to the new school year and help administration finalize schedules and other plans.

Students who do return to in-person instruction will be on a hybrid model meaning they will report to school on assigned days twice a week and work online at home three times a week.

Survey options:

* Option 1 - In-Person, Face-to-Face Instruction - Student will participate in daily, 100 percent face-to-face instruction following a hybrid model. Campuses will strictly adhere to health guidance regarding prevention, response, and mitigation practices.

* Option 2 - Virtual Instruction - Student will participate in daily, 100 percent virtual learning environment. Students will continue learning at the pace of the current San Diego ISD scope and follow their daily class schedules to be counted present.

For families with multiple students, the district will use this survey to “accommodate families with a similar schedule if the ’In-Person’ hybrid model is selected.”

The district is also making computers and internet devices available to families that are in need.

San Diego ISD parents can find the survey on the district website and their Facebook page.