AISD’s National History Day winners

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Junior Level NHD Regional Qualifiers from Dubose and William Adams Middle School - Individual and Group Exhibits

Students with Alice Independent School District recently participated in the National History Day competition. Several students placed and will move on to the regional competition in Kingsville on Feb. 21.

Every year National History Day frames students’ research within a historical theme. The theme is chosen for the broad application to world, national, or state history and its relevance to ancient history or to the more recent past.

The 2019-2020 theme is Breaking Barriers in History. More than half a million students enter through local contests every year. Students construct entries as an individual or a group in one of five categories: Documentary, Exhibit, Paper, Performance or Website. National History Day participants are judged on three deciding factors: Historical Quality, Relation to Theme, and Clarity of Presentation.

Alice ISD students who place at regionals in Kingsville will advance to state in Austin. The top two in each category will advance. The ultimate goal is national competition that is held each year in June at the University of Maryland, College Park.

Junior Level - grades 6 - 8

Individual Exhibit Board

First place – “Martin Luther: An Idea that Changed the World by Kloe Fox

Second place – “D-Day: Landing at Normandy” by Aden Tunchez

Third place – “Moses Fleetwood Walker: Breaking the Color Barrier in Professional Baseball” by Jacob T. Gonzalez

Group Exhibit Board

First place – “Building Bridges for Equality: The Ruby Bridges Story” by Rhianna Amador, Deidra Lopez and Gabriella Gonzalez

Second place – “Brown vs. Board of Education” by Danielle Rangel and Tara Gonzalez

Third place – “Susan B. Anthony” by Liana Garcia and Brooke Castillo

Individual Website

First place – “Online Shopping” by Jaclynn Carlton

Second place – “Stan Lee: Breaking Comic Book Barriers” by Kaiden Fernandez

Third place – “How the U.S. Constitution Broke Barriers” by Gabriel Molina

Individual Documentary

First place – “Tesla Tower” by Megan Salinas

Second place – China’s One Child Policy” by Cameron Timmons

Group Documentary

First place – “Space Race” by Lucas Walker, Ezekiel Martinez, Juan Garcia and Jamie Garza

Group Performance

First place – The Female Soldier” by Olivia Garza and Rylee Weir

Second place – “Rosa Parks” by Isabella Pena, Lexis Hernandez, Stephanie Solis, Mia Garcia and Celeste Herrera

Third place – “Rosa Parks” by Caleb Flores, Anissa Flores, Emily Rivadeneyra and Tristan Quintana

Senior Level - Grades 9-12

Individual Paper

First Place – Virginia Hall: The Limping Lady by Lauren Bunch

Second place – “First Woman to Receive an MD Degree in the US by Samara Mendoza

Third place – “The Roswell UFO Crash” by Grabiel Silva

Individual Project

First Place – “A Silent Protest” by Marco Ruiz

Second Place – “Rosa Parks: Mother of the Freedom Movement” by Samantha Pierce

Group Project

First Place – “Ruby Bridges” by Aiden Rosadillo Wilde and John Carlo Lomas

Second Place – “Catherine Johnson” by Daniella Benavides and Niessa Silva

Third Place – “Jackie Robinson” by Thomas Hinojosa and Abel Martinez

Individual Website

First Place – “Richard Nixon and His Trip to China” by Zach Vela

Group Website

First Place – “Nikola Tesla: The Barrier Breaking Electrical Genius” by Celeste Torres and Isela Torres

Group Performance

First Place – “Women Breaking Boundaries since Day 1” by Betty Mae Rodriguez, Jacquelyne Perez Saenz and Maria Sandoval

Individual Performance

First Place – “Trump Fights for Rights” by John Lemon