Alice police blotter

Melissa Cantu Trevino
Alice Echo News Journal

Resisting arrest after traffic stop

Officers on patrol the night of Monday, Dec. 28 conducted a traffic stop on the 900 block of North King Street. They made contact with Michael Gomez and his passenger Jennifer Ocana. The officers detected an odor of alcohol and Gomez admitted he had been drinking. Gomez was asked to step out of the vehicle to perform a sobriety test. The officers approached Ocana when they located a piece of paper with synthetic marijuana. Gomez and Ocana both denied ownership of the narcotics. Gomez gave the officers consent to search which led to the discovery of an open alcoholic beverage. The couple resisted transported and were kicking the patrol units rear windows. At the police department, Gomez would not leave his face mask on and would cough in the direction of the officers stating that he had the coronavirus (COVID-19). Ocana began to threatened one of the officers and his family stating that she knew "dangerous" people. Both were booked into the Jim Wells County jail. They were charged with resisting arrest and retaliation. Ocana was also charged with possession of a controlled substance. Gomez was also charged with driving while intoxicated - open container.

Arrested on possession charge

A routine traffic stop near Cactus and South Texas Boulevard ended with the arrest of Victor Castillo for possession of a controlled substance and tampering with evidence. The arrest following contact between the officer and Castillo. As the officer spoke with Castillo he observed, in plain view, an object that contained cocaine. More cocaine was found inside the vehicle. Castillo was booked into the JWC jail.

Marijuana seized in traffic stop

Ashley Alaniz was arrested during a traffic stop on Sunday, Dec. 27 on South Reynolds and Dewey. When the officer made contact with Alaniz he detected an odor of marijuana from the vehicle. Alaniz told the officer that she smokes marijuana and had some with her inside a baggie that she placed under the passenger seat. The officer recovered the marijuana. Alaniz was transported to the JWC jail. She was charged with possession of marijuana.

Cash and narcotics seized

An expired registration sticker led to the arrest of Joe Aguilar Jr. on Sunday, Dec. 27 on near Schley Avenue and South Almond. Officer Manuel Garcia IV pulled over the vehicle and as he made his way to the vehicle he heard an object break against a nearby fence. The officer made contact with Aguilar and other individuals in the vehicle. With the assistance of K9 Officer Tim LaGesse and K9 Rex, Officer Garcia was able to search the vehicle and discovered parts of the vehicle had been tampered with. Officers seized crystal meth, baggies, cocaine and $265. Aguilar was taken to the JWC jail. He was charged with manufacturing and delivery of a controlled substance. 

Source: Alice police reports