Suspect in weekend shooting arrested

Staff Writer
Alice Echo News Journal
Merced Gallegos was arrested in connection with a weekend shooting in San Diego that sent two men to the hospital with serious injuries.

SAN DIEGO - Merced Gallegos, 33, was booked into the Duval County jail Monday afternoon in connection with a weekend shooting that sent two men to the hospital with serious injuries, said Captain Matilda Almanza, with the Duval County Sheriff’s Office.

Investigators issued two aggravated assault with a deadly weapon warrants on Gallegos after speaking with the victims and witness to the shooting. Gallegos turned himself into law enforcement.

The shooting occurred on County Road 303, west of San Diego. Deputies were called around 9 p.m. on Friday, Aug. 28 that two men, whose names have not been officially released, had been shot multiple times by a .22 caliber weapon, Almanza said.

The victims were taken, by a friend or relative, to the San Diego Fire Department, for medical attention, and then transported to a hospital in Alice.

According to Almanza, both men were taken to a Corpus Christi hospital via Halo Flight. One of the victims has since been released and the other is in stable condition.

Sheriff Romeo Ramirez and his investigators inspected a vehicle on County Road 303 after two men were shot. Sheriff Ramirez said the vehicle was occupied by the victims. The victims crashed the vehicle and received assistance from nearby residents.