Former Duval County Tax Office employee arrested on theft charge

Staff Writer
Alice Echo News Journal
Rosalinda Perez Garcia arrested in connection for theft. She is accused of misappropriating funds.

SAN DIEGO - Rosalinda Perez Garcia recently turned herself into the Duval County Sheriff's deputies and Texas Rangers following an investigation into the misappropriation of funds.

Garcia, 62, is accused of taking money from taxpayers and not depositing the full amount into the treasurer's account, according Duval County Sheriff Romeo Ramirez.

According to county officials, an audit was conducted when discrepancies in payments and deposits were discovered. Investigators looked into records starting in 2017 where they noticed that payments were mishandled by Garcia.

Garcia had been working for the tax office since the early 2000's and retired in June of 2020.

Garcia is believed to have taken $20,000 to $23,000, according to county officials. She was charged with theft of property. The charge is a felony.

According to Duval County Tax Assessor Collector Robert Elizondo, the taxpayers of Duval County were not affected in anyway by this incident. All taxpayers who made payments received a full credit.

The investigation is ongoing.