JWC jail inmate escapes

Staff Writer
Alice Echo News Journal
Daniel Trevino

An inmate at the Jim Wells County jail escaped on Tuesday, Aug. 4. The escapee, Daniel Trevino, was apprehended 13 minutes after near the 800 block of North Adams.

According to sheriff officials, Trevino, 28, was in the recreation area when he climbed the fence and went over the razor wired fence. He received several lacerations from the wires.

When Trevino left the jail, he attempted to get help from a family nearby. He entered the home without permission and when the family refused to help he grabbed a shirt. He exited the home to find law enforcement waiting for him, according to Sheriff Daniel Bueno.

Trevino was transported to the hospital to get medically cleared. Trevino was treated for his wounds.

He was taken back to the JWC jail where he was charged with escape from confinement in a correctional facility, criminal attempt burglary of a habitation and criminal trespass of a habitation.

Trevino had been in custody after officers conducted a traffic stop where narcotics were found.