Being helpful and time with friends

Robin Bradshaw/

While having an exhibit in the county fair can be challenging, one 8-year-old girl makes time for her friends and serving the community. Gabi Mercado is a third grader from the Ben Bolt Palito Blanco Independent School District.

Mercado's main projects are archery and the food challenge, but she also works with steers. Her goal this year is to have a Champion Steer.

Gabi and the Red Bull

Unfortunately for Mercado and her friends the coronavirus pandemic has changed the way they interact and how they will be showing at the fair.

“My greatest memories are the time I spent with my friends,” Mercado said. “The pandemic has been okay. I like being at home, but I also miss my friends.”

Through the 4-H program, Mercado has made a lot of friends and teamed up with people to do good in her community.

Mercado has completed community service projects such as projects for the elderly and for the Driscoll Children's Hospital in Corpus Christi. She promotes the 4-H program through her projects, but also by her appearance in the local newspaper and the news, Mercado said.

She plans to participate in a food challenge show in Galveston in the future.