Being a helping hand

Robin Bradshaw/

Challenges have arisen for everyone in 2020 and the annual Jim Wells County fair along with its exhibitors have had to adjust. However, the challenges of staying safe during the coronavirus pandemic is one that 10-year-old Ari Mercado is getting through.

Mercado is a fifth grader at Ben Bolt Palito Blanco Independent School District. Her main projects as part of the 4-H program and the fair is showing steers.

Her greatest memory about the fair is seeing her friends, being helpful and caring. With the challenges of 2020, she dislikes always having to wear a mask, but understands the reason why. 

Mercado is being a part of the Cattle Round Up and the toy drive for the Driscoll Children's Hospital. Giving a helping hand and making lasting friendships are part of the 4-H program that will go beyond her years in the program.

Her next goal is to earn a jacket and a briefcase for her time in the 4-H program.

Ari Mercado (right) with her sister Gabi Mercado (left).