Local school districts mitigating the spread of the coronavirus

Robin Bradshaw

The Falfurrias Independent School District (FISD) received confirmation that an administrator at the Falfurrias Elementary School tested positive for the coronavirus (COVID-19).

"The administrative employee was not in contact with any students the only contact was with four collages during a work related luncheon. Every individual has been tested in response and is in quarantine,“ said Falfurrias Superintendent Dr. Casas. ”Our district is handling the issue with an abundance of caution,“

In August FISD tested 76 athletes and 210 employees. A total of five athletes tested positive, two of which were siblings and one employee. The next round of testing will be Thursday, Sept. 24, for all athletic classes and staff. "FISD is testing for asymptomatic cases to mitigate the spread of the virus and responding with an over abundance of caution when faced with positive COVID-19 cases, " said Dr Casas.

Last week, the Premont Independent School District quarantined 51 students due to possible contact with an employee that tested positive for the virus. Zero students reported positive cases to the district from the precautionary COVID-19 testing, stated Premont Superintendent Steve Van Mantre on Sept., 22.