Congressman Vela: President Trump admits to Mass Murder

Staff Writer
Alice Echo News Journal

Washington, DC – Today Congressman Filemon Vela (D-TX) issued the following statement on President Trump’s conversation with Bob Woodward, revealing the President was aware of the deadly nature of the coronavirus early this year and chose to hide it from the public:

“The President of the United States of America has admitted to mass murder. In his own words, Donald Trump has unveiled the alarming truth that he was fully aware of the deadly nature of the coronavirus but chose to hide the facts and refused to take the threat seriously for purely political reasons. By ignoring the advice and warnings of countless medical doctors and scientists, Trump left our entire country exposed and unprepared.

The blood of thousands of Americans are on his hands.

“Because of his betrayal to our nation, more than six million Americans have been infected, 190,000 have died and tens of millions are jobless and at risk of hunger and homelessness.

All of this pain could have been avoided, but President Trump chose politics over lives. The growing horrifying toll of Trump’s deadly disinformation and negligence deepens the pain for grieving families and those suffering most from our failing economy.

“Donald Trump has failed the American people and the nearly 200,000 Americans that lost their lives to this deadly virus.”