Husband and wife fight COVID-19

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Alice Echo News Journal
Sofie and Raymond Fuentes were infected with COVID-19. They were both hospitalized and Sofie ran out of hope and strength. They are now at home and continue to fight the battle. Sofie credit the doctors and nurses for their recovery.

Like the rest of Americans, Raymond and Sofie Fuentes were not prepared for a world-wide pandemic. However, with their careers in the medical field, they understood that there was a possibility that they would be infected by the coronavirus (COVID-19) and have to fight for their lives.

The Fuentes family is originally from Alice and while they now reside in McAllen, they still have family and friends in Alice.

Ramond is an emergency room nurse and Sofie works from home with the Superior Star Kids Department. Sofie also battles different medical issues like her auto-immune disorder.

“We knew there was a possibility that we would get infected. Being in the front lines of the disease, we had already talked about the fact that we may be infected,” Sofie said. “We had sat down to discuss the options.”

They decide to purchase a camper for the backyard in case they were to contract COVID-19. After awhile of Raymond working with COVID-19 patients he began to show symptoms of the disease. Immediately, Raymond was quarantined in the backyard inside the camper until Hurricane Hannah visited South Texas.

With Hurricane Hannah making her way to South Texas the valley received tornado warnings to take shelter immediately. Sofie decided that her husband of 13 years, and her friend for 12 years before that marriage, needed to take shelter inside their home.

Sofie took care of Raymond the best that she could and after Hurricane Hannah passed she called 9-1-1 to get Raymond to the hospital. She knew he had a clot in his lungs and was having difficulty breathing.

“He feels guilty because I contracted the disease from him, but I would do it all over again. He's the love of my life, my best friend and the father of my children,” Sofie said. “I'd care for him all over again.”

Not long after Raymond was admitted into the hospital Sofie found herself in a hospital bed. They were both fighting to survive and going through the pain and anguish of trying to live.

“My family was camped outside of my hospital room. My dad was encouraging me to continue fighting, but I had given up. I couldn’t turn my head to face them,” Sofie said. “Not because I wanted to die, but because I didn't want my family to suffer the anguish of having to make the decision to end my life. I wanted to make that choice for them.”

She was ready to end her families suffering. Even when her dad called her she didn't have the strength to continue; she had been fighting for so long. She credits her survival on the doctors and nurses who didn't give up on her.

People need to understand the physical pain and the mental anguish that COVID-19 patients go through, she said. She knows there’s a lot of misinformation on COVID-19 and being of Hispanic and living in a Latino community she knows that people don’t trust what others say especially politicians.

Sofie participated in three different COVID-19 medical trials in the hopes that the medical professionals would find a vaccine.

After the immense struggle Raymond and Sofie went through they thank everyone for their prayers and assistance. They realize that they have been blessed.

The couple is still working to better their health, but they are at home. They are taking medicines and are on oxygen.

Family and friends have set up a gofundme account for the family. If anyone would like to donate they can do so at

Sofie says that some of any money donated to them will go back to the nurses and doctors who helped them as well as to get the patient windows in the hospital decorated with encouraging words.