COVID-19: Duval County Friday Report

Robin Bradshaw

Duval County reports 12 new cases and six fatalities due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) on Friday, August, 7.

The new total for the COVID-19 cases in area is 173, with an estimated 100 active cases in the county and a total of 85 recoveries.

#162 Female 70's

#163 Female under twelve

#164 Female in her teens

#165 Male 30's

#166 Female 30's

#167 Male 60's

#168 Male 50's

#169 Female 50's

#170 Male 40's

#171 Female 50's

#172 Female 50's

#173 Male in teens


Total Active: 100

Total Recoveries- 85

Fatalities- 6 that has been confirmed.

Duval County Emergency Management Team communicated the following information in their Facebook page.


As we test more people the positive cases will rise. If you have symptoms, come in contact who is positive or tested positive please stay home. We have too many loved ones fighting for their lives and others have lost their lives to this highly contagious virus. So please continue to be safe. Wash your hands, wear your mask and practice social distance. Prayers for everyone affected by this pandemic. Stay safe everyone.