JWC suspends on-campus instruction, for students until October, 9.

Robin Bradshaw

The Jim Wells County Commissioners court held a special meeting Monday, and approved the action to adopt an order suspending all public and private schools for on campus, in-class instruction until October, 9.

County Attorney Michael Guerra stated the court will meet four additional times before October, 9 and depending on the COVID-19 numbers, the dates to open local schools could be extended or changed to an earlier date depending on the data.

Dr. Erik Nisimblat, MD presented an in-depth, COVID-19 presentation, concerning the local area during the commissioners court. The presentation included information on local numbers, local positive rates, testing, testing issues and the importance of adopting new measures and social behaviors to decrease the COVID-19 surge and a potential disaster this fall.

“Local hospitals are currently being compromised and needing Federal help from FEMA, the local health system could potentially face the fall flu season with a very fractured health care system,” said Dr. Nisimblat, MD during the presentation.

The in-depth COVID-19 presentation by Dr. Nisimblat, MD can be viewed on the Jim Wells County Commissioners Court website online or on the Alice Echo- News Journal Facebook.