Duval County reports 20 COVID-19 cases

Staff Writer
Alice Echo News Journal

On Monday, June 29, Duval County Judge Gilbert Saenz released the latest numbers of coronavirus (COVID-19) in the county.

According to Saenz, he and his team are working on getting the case by case information, and an update on active and recovered cases.

“We continue to monitor and analyze the info that is being shared by state and federal officials regarding COVID-19. As of today, Duval has a total 20 confirmed positive cases. Continued prayers for all those affected,” Saenz said via Facebook. “Although highly contagious, let’s keep in mind that the overall recovery rate has also been very high. It’s a careful balance to protect our most vulnerable and still be the productive hard working Americans we are. It is understandable that, during times like these, we seek answers and more information. This is why we unite to continue to support the mission to serve and protect each other, and provide as much info as permissible by law.”

“As soon as we verify the number of active and released, we will continue to update. We thank all of you for being respectful, cooperative, and understanding,” he said.