JWC officals mandate businesses for public safety with facial coverings

Robin Bradshaw

Jim Wells County Judge Juan Rodriguez and Commissioners held court today, and voted on the continuance for the mandated facial coverings in public businesses, to help slow the spread of COVID-19.

Facial coverings are mandated for any person over the age of three in public county businesses, all business employees and entering customers to help stop the spread of the virus. Business owners may provide customers with masks to enter the establishment but customers may not enter the business unprotected. While Governor Abbott has restricted local mandates of any kind of facial coverings on residents of Texas, his order does not apply to businesses owners. Failure to apply could result in a fine up to $1,000.

“For the most part local businesses have seemed to comply with orders and are doing their part to uphold public safety,” said County Judge Rodriguez.

Dr. Erik Nisimblat, MD addressed the Alice city council in May on his recommendation for wearing facial masks in public, and expressed what medical professionals are concerned about in regards to the morbidity of the coronavirus.

Morbidity is defined as the living condition of being diseased and mortality is of course, the state of being subject to death.

“The news is only covering the mortality not the morbidity of the virus,” said Dr. Nisimblat. “Doctors do not know how an a-symptomatic person or symptomatic person with the virus can be effected in one year, two years or ten years after contacting the virus.“

The highest infection rates in the coastal bend are currently between the ages of 20 to 39, stated by Nueces County officials on June, 26. The future medical concerns for how the virus will effect a young adult as they age are still unknown, the future medical concerns if they become pregnant are still unknown. This age population is currently the largest transmitters for the virus, to each other, and to the older less immune populations, that could possibility result in their unfortunate mortality.

Health and County Officials are urging residents to do their part and reduce the spread of the virus and follow the safety guidelines.